1st Grade Word Search

1st Grade Word Search is an engaging and educational crossword game designed specifically for kids. With a variety of objects from different school areas, this game offers an entertaining way for children to enhance their vocabulary while having fun. Players are challenged to find all the words in each level, making it an exciting and stimulating experience for young learners.

Exploring School Areas

School Playground

Venture into the school playground and discover a world of adventure waiting to be explored. From the classic ball and rope to the thrilling slide and swings, the playground is filled with excitement. As you navigate through this area, keep your eyes peeled for hidden words scattered amidst the letters. Whether it's vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, words can be found in various directions, adding a layer of challenge to the game.


Step into the quiet sanctuary of the library and immerse yourself in the world of books. Here, amidst the shelves lined with literary treasures, lies a wealth of words waiting to be uncovered. From titles of beloved stories to names of authors, the library offers a unique setting for word search enthusiasts. Search diligently, for the words may be cleverly concealed among the letters, requiring keen observation and attention to detail.

How to Play

1st Grade Word Search is designed for ease of use, allowing players to enjoy the game with simple controls. Whether using a touchscreen device or a mouse, the game offers a seamless experience for all players.


  • Touch: Simply tap on the letters to select them and form words.
  • Mouse: Click on the letters to highlight them and create words.

Embark on a journey of discovery with 1st Grade Word Search and unlock the mysteries hidden within each level. With its captivating gameplay and educational content, this game provides an enriching experience for young learners. So, gather your wits and sharpen your skills as you embark on an adventure through the world of words!


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