Foodguessr is an addictive and delightful game that combines your love of food with a geographical guessing challenge. Inspired by popular location-based games, Foodguessr takes you on a culinary journey around the world, testing your knowledge of international cuisine with mouthwatering images.


The game presents you with a series of delectable photos, featuring everything from humble street food to gourmet masterpieces. Your mission? To correctly identify the country of origin for each dish, using a multiple-choice selection. Each accurate guess earns you points and unlocks new levels, introducing you to even more unique dishes from diverse culinary traditions.

The Enticing World of Foodguessr:

Foodguessr's true appeal lies in its vast and vibrant selection of cuisines. From the fiery flavors of Mexican tacos to the aromatic spices of Indian curries, the game celebrates the rich tapestry of global gastronomy. Whether you're a seasoned foodie or just beginning to explore the world of international cuisine, Foodguessr offers something for everyone.

The Challenge:

But be warned – Foodguessr is more than just lucky guesses. It's a test of your culinary knowledge! You'll need to rely on visual cues, ingredient details, and cultural context to make accurate guesses. It's a fun and educational experience, encouraging players to learn about different food cultures while having a blast.

Game Modes:

Foodguessr offers various game modes to keep you engaged. In Solo Mode, you tackle increasingly challenging levels, testing your skills against the clock. In Multiplayer Mode, gather your friends and compete to see who can identify the most dishes correctly within a set time limit.

How to Become a Foodguessr Master

Sharpen Your Culinary Knowledge: Familiarize yourself with the cuisines of different regions and countries. Learn about signature dishes, popular ingredients, and cooking techniques. Understanding these unique characteristics will significantly improve your guessing accuracy.

Become a Food Detective: Scrutinize the images presented. Analyze ingredients, presentation styles, and any distinctive features that might hint at the dish's origin. Sometimes, subtle details can be the key to unlocking the answer.

The Art of Elimination: When unsure about a particular dish, narrow down your options by process of elimination. Consider which countries are known for similar dishes or share similar culinary traditions. This methodical approach can help you make informed guesses even when you're not entirely certain.

Trust Your Gut: Sometimes, your intuition can be surprisingly accurate. If you have a strong feeling about a certain dish, go with it. Trusting your gut can lead to unexpected victories and culinary discoveries.

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