My Perfect Hotel

How to Play My Perfect Hotel

My Perfect Hotel is a captivating online game that lets you build your dream hotel empire. You'll start small, but through smart management and exceptional service, you'll transform your establishment into a five-star paradise. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the exciting world of hospitality and become a hospitality tycoon!

The Basics

  • Your Role: You're the hotel manager! Make crucial decisions about staff, upgrades, and guest satisfaction.
  • The Goal: Build a flourishing hotel empire renowned for exceptional service and luxurious amenities.


  • Start Small: Begin as a bellboy, cleaning rooms, welcoming guests, and saving your tips.
  • Invest Wisely: Use your earnings to upgrade rooms, hire staff, and enhance guest experiences.
  • Expand Your Empire: As your hotel thrives, build additional properties with unique styles and atmospheres.

Tips for Success

  • Master Time Management: Keep a watchful eye on guest needs and ensure prompt service to maximize satisfaction.
  • Invest in Amenities: Upgrade your facilities with features like comfortable restrooms, restaurants, parking, and swimming pools.
  • Prioritize Design: Create aesthetically pleasing rooms with every detail considered for guest comfort.
  • Staff Up: Hire a qualified team to handle diverse tasks and maintain excellent service levels.
  • Balance Expenses and Income: Invest strategically while ensuring enough income to cover staff costs and upgrades.

Remember: Every detail matters! From plush towels to delicious meals, prioritize guest satisfaction at every turn. By following these tips and letting your hospitality shine, you'll transform your hotel into a luxurious haven for guests and a thriving empire for yourself!

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